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From your Supreme Commander
Hello everyone! My name is Matt! I'm the Supreme Commander of The Visitors. I first watched V at the age of 8, when my mom recorded the original two part mini series on VHS. I still have the tapes, and some may have seen them at the conventions lol. I am a techy IT guy, nerd, 3D printer enthusiast, gamer and costumer! I am glad to have some wonderful people in this group and look forward to it growing over all the years to come!

For all of our new members, once you activate your account through the link sent to you in email, you will gain full access to our discussion forums here. We welcome you to The Visitors, and are glad to have you with us!


Supreme Commander Matt, The Visitors
Instagram | Twitter | Facebook: @thevisitorsorg

[Image: SupremeLeaderMattForumSig1.gif]


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