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Hello, I am Rolo Rivero, an Argentine artist, a fan of v the visitor, I am a maker and artist in honor of the film, I made the mask, I hope you like it, a pleasure to share with you, if you want to know my work I invite you to follow me in Instagram @roloweenstudio
Welcome Rolo! I am going to add a link to your Etsy store here for the members to be able to find. I really like your mask and I'll post some photos soon!

Thank you very much, I love it and it makes me very happy, everything I can do for help and input will be available
You make great masks and your business is very good. We have been waiting over a year on another mask maker and he keeps making excuses about why he can't send us our things. It is to the point where I am ready to go to court to get our money back. So I appreciate people like you that are great artists and also keep your word. Smile Thank you!!