Welcome to THE VISITORS We are a group of California 1983 V Visitors Costumers and we’re also a V Fan Club! We attend conventions in California and not only enjoy the fandom through costuming, our V Fan Club is open to ALL who just love V no matter where you live on planet Earth! Join us today and sign up on our forums!

We are friends with many of the original cast and crew from V, and also enjoy having all our visitor youth enjoy the fandom too! Here you will find all the information about both our Costuming and Fan Club, and we welcome you to join us in either!

We make all of our own stuff in-house, and if you wish to become a member of
THE VISITORS just sign up on our forums today! ALL Members are welcome to hang out at our convention booths, purchase any club merchandise or just hang out on the forums!

Enjoying V and the fandom is what we are all about, and we strive to let everyone know that Friendship IS Universal!



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